The Big Guys Were In

This afternoon we had a small group of American White Pelicans floating around out in the middle of the marsh pond area.

Suddenly one of the pelicans decided they all must immediately fly over to the other side of the pond.

So the group made the journey, but after arriving they started floating back in the direction they just came from.

It’s possible they were watching cormorants and diving ducks feeding and decided they needed to go where all the best fish must be located.

I think the big birds did get some fish, but one place looks (at least to me) as good as another.

White Pelicans Cruising The Marsh Pond

White Pelicans Cruising The Marsh Pond

White Pelicans Cruising The Marsh Pond

White Pelicans Cruising The Marsh Pond

White Pelicans Cruising The Marsh Pond

20 thoughts on “The Big Guys Were In

    • Heh heh, I remember that Sylvia. 😀 Your best bet is to get one of each side by side to compare the size difference. Even though the brown is a good size bird the white is larger yet. Think you can arrange the meeting? 🙂

        • That would really have worked out great last year if I was the one bringing the brown pelican. We had one hanging around one of the parking lots near the marsh that kept trying to climb into people’s cars. I think it wanted a home like a stray cat and didn’t like roughing it in the wild. 😀

    • I think I’ve got the part down of letting the cormorants find the fish, but floating around in very cold water doesn’t appeal much, so guess I wouldn’t make a good pelican.

  1. Beautiful photos! American White Pelicans are some of my favorite birds because of the timing of their migration. I used to live in CO and I loved birding right around the time when they returned because between they themselves and all the other waterfowl, I was in heaven. If you ever feel like checking out a fellow bird nerd’s adventures, give my blog a read:

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