Happy Trio

We had a huge meeting in the marsh this afternoon (more on that coming up tomorrow) and this fine looking trio of white pelicans were involved for a while. But they soon decided to float off and check out the other side of the pond because the grass is always greener, or the fish are tastier; whichever.

Anyway on their way by…they stopped and posed for a brief moment in front of a couple of fluffed egrets that were bracing themselves against a brisk wind.

The pelicans then tightened up their formation and continued on along their journey.

Happy Trio

Happy Trio

Happy Trio

18 thoughts on “Happy Trio

  1. Such beautiful contrast between the white globemasters and the water, Phil! Perfect formation, as well! I wouldn’t like to see the real ones try keeping as close as that!

    • They seem to take directions a little better than other wildlife (such as the alligators) but still, I request they come in close or fly around and they do have a tendency to occasionally ignore me. That remains a work in progress.

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