Nice Dive!

This brown pelican was having himself a great time yesterday in the salt marsh. He would float along quietly and then suddenly, without warning, he would burst up out of the water and do a swan dive down for some fish. They were mostly catching tiny fish from what I could see, which kept them busy for quite a while.

Fun to watch these big birds feed.

Nice Landing For Pelican

Nice Landing For Pelican

Nice Landing For Pelican

9 thoughts on “Nice Dive!

    • Interestingly and oddly, when fishing together, the brown pelicans will adjust their fishing style to match that of the white pelicans. But then once left alone again, the brown pelicans will revert back to their standard dive style.

    • I like to watch these guys feed but it also hurts my head just watching. They take a pounding with their dive style and potentially shorten their life span. White pelicans are much more casual in their fishing style.

      • I hadn’t thought about bird dives and lifespans – but I suppose they take their toll. Your sequence was a great eg of a surface dive (as opposed to air dive or dock dive). And to make the feeding comparison with whites. I’ve never seen more than random single whites on Abaco.

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