Just Before Leaving…

On an early evening last week I was headed home from the salt marsh when I noticed a distinctive flight pattern far back out over the reeds.

A harrier hawk was doing his thing flying (or flitting) just above the tops of the reeds and I managed to grab off a quick shot as he was heading off after finishing his patrol.

Minutes later this great blue heron came gliding in low over the water, giving me at least something to show for the day.

Two Early Evening Flights Over The Marsh

Two Early Evening Flights Over The Marsh

6 thoughts on “Just Before Leaving…

  1. Phil, that is a terrific shot of the harrier! Those lovely russet colours are caught by the sun so beautifully. Sadly we see few of them in the UK – thanks to gamekeepers who shoot and trap them (the penalties are not nearly harsh enough), their numbers have declined drastically. The RSPCA is reintroducing them to part of the country in liason with landowners, so hopefully we will see more of these glorious birds hunting for food along the hedgerows. I love the blues in the shot of the GBH – the water is the perfect background isn’t it?

    • Sadly, the loss of habitat is a huge problem around here for birds such as these hawks and many others. Seems like most every week they are clearing away more trees and wetlands for housing and business centers.
      Glad you liked seeing big blue!

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