BIG Mouth, Tiny Catch

A brown pelican fishing in the salt marsh this afternoon knocks back a tasty, but very tiny, tidbit. If you look close you can see a little bitty minnow inside that huge pelican pouch. 🙂

Big Mouth Tiny Catch

13 thoughts on “BIG Mouth, Tiny Catch

    • That’s exactly it Maggie. There were a couple of these big guys out there and they were scooping up mouthfuls of those tiny minnows, but I guess you don’t always get a mouthful, sometimes it’s only one.

    • Thanks a bunch Sylvia! There were a couple of these guys out there and they were at it for hours. So I guess they have no choice as it must take quite a bit of time to get full on tiny minnows which was all I saw them catching.

  1. What a great picture!! You really take some awesome on the spot at the right time pictures, how do u do it? Unless u carry a very small phone camera and a very good one. Carrying around heavy big cameras is very hard to get those type of pictures, your pics are very clear and beautiful so it seems they r taken with a great camera, care to share how u get such in the moment pics if done with large professional camera or even a phone camera ((which I never)) thought could take the same quality pics. Thanks

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