It Was Froggy Out There Today

We took a quick cruise this afternoon over to the marsh and also to check out the beach situation. It was a grey, dreary day with off and on rain showers so we weren’t expecting there to be a whole lot going on and that turned out to indeed be the case.

I was, however, a bit surprised to see some fog rolling in from the ocean.

The first two photos were taken with the phone and the last two with an old point and shoot.

The first picture is looking north and shows the salt marsh at low tide and you can also see the snowy egret convention was in town. (more hijinks and wackiness from the snowys coming up in tomorrow’s post) It was somewhat clear until you got about 50-75 yards out then the fog took over. Normally you can see clear across the inlet and Garden City Beach homes from here, but not today.

The second picture is looking south across the marsh pond with not much happening other than a couple of duckies floating and diving around in the water. No alligators out today although yesterday there was one snoozing along the edge of the pond near where I took this photo.

Checking out the beach revealed it mostly empty as expected. About all we saw was one drowsy looking gull with the ocean waves behind him, and surprisingly, a lone bicycle rider far down the south end. The ocean is in front and to the left of the rider but it can’t be seen at all due to the fog.

We are expecting a significant storm tomorrow with potentially damaging winds so it won’t be a beach day again.

Marsh and Beach in Afternoon Fog

Marsh and Beach in Afternoon Fog

Marsh and Beach in Afternoon Fog

Marsh and Beach in Afternoon Fog

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