There’s One In Every Group

This past week we had a large group of snowy egrets hanging around for a few days.

But since we are talking about snowys…one is always certain that there will be one particular aggressive agitator that feels compelled to get everybody else all stirred up.

The alpha snowy in these cases can usually be identified by the extreme fluffiness followed by endless chasing of the otherwise quiet group.

Here we see the individual in question start to get all excited and then begin chasing (well, herding actually) other snowysย in a small water channel between two oyster beds. Once the mission is accomplishedย they all go right back to feeding. All except you know who…he goes back to chasing and fussing.

Theres One In Every Group

Theres One In Every Group

Theres One In Every Group

Theres One In Every Group

Theres One In Every Group

18 thoughts on “There’s One In Every Group

  1. This is fabulous – what a great post about this ‘fluffy’ behavior! We have many Snowys in our area, but I don’t usually see groups like this. Never knew about this herding behavior. You have to love the hairdo ๐Ÿ˜‰

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