Still Groggy

As the weather begins to warm up, our alligator friends start to show up around the marsh area.

But they are not exactly super active. A nice nap in the sun is about as exciting as their day gets at this point.

The second photo I took with the phone and shows our happy pair snoozing at the water’s edge.

Still Groggy

Still Groggy

6 thoughts on “Still Groggy

    • I’m always glad to see these guys coming back again to start their season. I heard a report yesterday that one was seen with a duck in its mouth which would be surprising because I didn’t think they would be eating yet. So ya never know…

    • Oh I actually standing in pretty much the same place for both photos. I took the close up shot with my regular telephoto lens then pulled out the phone for the wide shot. Plus he just had that certain ‘look’, the one where he doesn’t have a care in the world. 🙂

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