Looks Like Somebody Got New Skis

Earlier this week a brown pelican came gliding down into the salt marsh with his water skis fully deployed for a smooth arrival.

This pelican may need a little more practice with those skis because as is often the case when trying out new sports equipment, you end up falling right on your face.

The big guy did end up picking himself up out of the water and continuing along as if nothing happened. But isn’t that pretty much what we would all do?! ๐Ÿ™‚

New Skis

New Skis

New Skis

New Skis

New Skis

18 thoughts on “Looks Like Somebody Got New Skis

  1. Priceless! Poor guy overshot his landing. I keep coming back to these and laugh every time. Shame on me but it is so funny.

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