Spoonbills! In May?!?

In a rare May occurrence for our area, three Roseate Spoonbills came gliding into the salt marsh this morning.
We normally don’t see spoonbills until July or even later in the summer.
These were mature adult birds too, not the young pale juveniles we most often see.
Seeing some of our pink friends early was quite a welcome and pleasant surprise!
After landing in the marsh among the oyster beds, the spoonies hung around for a short time fishing and preening.
The last we saw they were headed north to parts unknown, and although we hope they stick around, I strongly suspect they were only passing through. They stayed for barely 30 minutes, before taking off into the bright blue morning sky.
The last photo shows our good pal Mr. A! But what is he looking so chipper about?!? Could it be something he has hidden beneath him under the swirling water?!? Well tune in tomorrow to find out what has our boy so excited. 🙂
May Spoonbill Appearance
May Spoonbill Appearance
May Spoonbill Appearance
May Spoonbill Appearance
May Spoonbill Appearance
May Spoonbill Appearance
May Spoonbill Appearance

13 thoughts on “Spoonbills! In May?!?

    • Hey wow thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed seeing our pink visitors!
      Mister Alligator was also quite busy this morning, I hope to get to that tomorrow.
      If you notice on these photos, Word Press decided not to make spaces between the images despite appearing normal in preview, hope it works better later. 🙂

  1. Phil, what glorious pictures of these favourites! You must have been so thrilled to see them so early, maybe this portends good weather? Mr A certainly looks very feisty – I hope this doesn’t mean bad news for someone!

  2. Fabulous shots of those Spoonies! You are so spoilt, Phil. 😕 I only managed to see a glimpse of one the other day, Now I know where the rest were. 🙂 That’s the happiest shot I’ve ever seen of Mr. A.

  3. What a thrill to see the spoonies. Really beautiful images. Since I don’t get to the Inlet often enough, I love being able to keep up with what is going on there through your daily emails.

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