Around The Marsh…

Kind of a quiet day around the marsh this afternoon, nothing very exciting happening, but a few of the usual suspects were out taking care of business.

An alligator was enjoying a nice float and getting some sun which I know he liked.

I watched this egret pluck several of these small fish out of the salt marsh so I’m sure he must have eventually gotten full.

The great blue heron went for some shrimp as his main course, and the seafood could not be more fresh.

As I was leaving a black-necked stilt did a quick fly by and around that same time I was ready to do the same.

Around The Marsh

Around The Marsh

Around The Marsh

Around The Marsh

5 thoughts on “Around The Marsh…

  1. Hello. I noticed a couple of male painted buntings at the nature center on the feeders. Do you ever photograph them? Theyre so

  2. It was obviously a lovely day weatherwise – the sun reflected on the water makes for a great background! What a terrific diversity of wildlife you get there, Phil!

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