Tweener Hard At Work

Early this morning we had a ‘tweener’ out grabbing some breakfast in the marsh.

The ‘tweener’ is one of my all time favorite bird phases. This is a little blue heron that is transitioning from an all white juvenile to a mostly all blue (with a touch of maroon) adult.

These birds are always fun with their varied, almost checkerboard sections of blue and grey randomly placed throughout their body.

This little guy caught himself a little snack after a very stealthy approach with an impressive technique. He must have been paying attention when his mom was teaching minnow snatching. πŸ™‚

Tweener Hard At Work

Tweener Hard At Work

Tweener Hard At Work

Tweener Hard At Work

5 thoughts on “Tweener Hard At Work

  1. It is the first time I have seen a Little Blue at this stage I think. I ‘ve see the almost all white juvenile and the slate blue adults, but not this interesting pattern. Very nice. It is fun to watch the young ones. Funny how in so many species, the young act young…not so unlike humans.

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