“Radar” Is Back!

Well the big news over at the marsh this morning was the surprise re-appearance of our pal “Radar” who has been MIA since early Feb. 2015, almost a year and a half ago.

For those that don’t know the story… “Radar” is a great egret that was fitted with a solar powered transmitter and two antennas as part of a tracking program. When he became missing we couldn’t locate any of his original taggers and are not even sure now if anyone is still keeping any track of the boy.

We have been following him for over five years as the earliest photos of him I can find on my files are from Feb. 2011.

So where has he been for all this time?!? We heard reports that he was spotted at one point early this Spring in a nearby rookery so if that’s the case then he found himself a girlfriend.

But that never previously stopped him from returning to the marsh where he was always Head Egret In Charge. “Radar” even stood up to the alligators and even they seemed to recognize and respect his authority.

So we hope he sticks around for a while, but he is going to have some work to do getting all the other birds in line now that the sheriff is back in town!Ā  šŸ™‚

Radar Is Back

Radar Is Back

Radar Is Back

7 thoughts on ““Radar” Is Back!

  1. Oh my Lord!!! Ha-ha. Thank you for this tremendous news. All those tears we shed *sigh*….Welcome home Radar boy!

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