Above and Below

This past week there was not a whole heck of a lot going on around the marsh area, so you had to keep your eyes open in case anything(one) snuck in while you weren’t paying attention.

Two juvenile white ibis came flying in above the salt marsh. One was clearly not looking where he was flying, instead checking something behind him.

A young alligator crawled out of the reeds and crept his was into the water hoping to find a nice crunchy crab snack. He shouldn’t even be in the salt water, but obviously doesn’t care.

An osprey was keeping a very sleek profile and it glided above the marsh in search of a fresh dinner.

Meanwhile, down below, a wood stork was picking through the marsh mud hoping to find something yummy tucked in there.

Above and Below

Above and Below

Above and Below

Above and Below

8 thoughts on “Above and Below

  1. That ibis should look where it is going – as a child, I walked clean off a jetty, into the sea, whilst looking behind me! It wouldn’t want an accident with the alligator waiting! Beautiful osprey and stork, Phil. What is the black line running underneath the wing?

    • The work stork feathers are interesting. They have black feathers around the edges of their wings but if the sunlight hits them exactly right, it shows up as an emerald green.
      I think if I fell into the water near an alligator, the gator would head off in the opposite direction. At least that’s what I hope they would do. 🙂

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