“Did You Miss Me?”

Here’s one of our spoonbill friends from yesterday wanting to make sure they were missed and everyone was appropriately impressed by their surprise appearance yesterday.

I have more spoonie pics upcoming including several with their friends included as it was an interesting crowd out their in the marsh.

It could turn out to be ‘Spoonbill Week’ here on the ole blog! šŸ™‚



13 thoughts on ““Did You Miss Me?”

    • Oh jeez, I don’t know Scott, it seems as though WP is often doing something to change or improve one aspect of the site that ends up affecting some other unrelated aspect. More than once something changed and then I wait 24 hours and it’s back to normal. You got me.
      I was actually taking a lot of time off from blogging recently and almost dropped it totally. Still not sure how it will shake out for me in coming months.
      Thanks for checking in.

      • Same thing I said to Lyle I blog when I have something to share and when I feel ready – I think you can end up feeling you have to either post or respond to other bloggers tune – I truly hope you find the balance cause I miss Lyles blogs I hope not to miss yours too. Plus the fact you have competition now which should motivate you šŸ˜…

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