“What! No Spoonbills?!?”

Well I *had* decided to give the spoonbills a bit less screen time and not post them for a day or two and give them a break. This especially since I was concerned about aggravating the alligators who have not been pictured here lately. I know how sensitive they can be and you don’t want to hurt any feelings therefore I came up with a compromise.

So here we have a potentially aggrieved spoonie but… also an alligator on a casual float and his young friend going eye to eye with tricolored heron both from this afternoon.

Is everyone happy now? Somehow I doubt it. Oh well…




11 thoughts on ““What! No Spoonbills?!?”

  1. So nice seeing the wildlife looks so peaceful out there, even the Alligator looks relaxed, the heron is keeping an eye on him though, and spoonie is having something to say.

    • It’s funny, the spoonbills rarely have much of anything to say. About all I ever hear from them are a series of low, quiet grunts. The blue herons make the most noise, they love the sound of their own voices.

  2. That spoonie ie certainly telling you something, Phil! The alligators always look so (deceptively) laidback and even though the heron is trying to emulate this ‘gator, I noticed he’s keeping a careful eye on him! Great pictures!

    • The little tri certainly was keeping a close eye on the young gator, but notice how the bird doesn’t leave even though it certainly could. Guess they know the alligator is only after fish and maybe a stray crab if they get lucky.

  3. Love the chatty spoonie…they always seem so friendly don’t they? The Louisiana Heron and alligator do show how seemingly incompatible species do hang out side by side…even if who knows for how long!! Always a please to see through your viewfinder!!!

    • I can never stop taking photos of the spoonies whenever I have the opportunity. It seems that every time they look up or tilt their head a certain way, they look so cute I just have to bang off more shots.
      That little heron could certainly leave if it wanted to but they will sometimes purposely follow an alligator around I guess hoping it will stir up some extra fish and send them their way. 🙂

      • That is true…birds do take advantage of the stirrings of bigger beasts…cattle egrets in particular but the others don’t pass up good opportunities either!! And Yeah, can’t spoonies are cute..I think young wood storks kind of have the same cuteness when their bills are open looking chatty.

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