Spoonbills Arrive…Fish…Depart

This afternoon we had a pair of roseate spoonbills show up at the salt marsh during low tide.

It was great to see these guys come gliding in from far out in the marsh where they had been feeding with a large group of wading birds including, wood storks, ibis, blue herons, and great and snowy egrets.

The spoonies mostly stayed together while fishing and I saw several nice fish being caught. This is somewhat unusual as quite often the spoonbills catch and eat small shrimp and other tiny marine creatures that are difficult to even see.

You may also notice that one of these birds is younger then his friend. The juvenile is a more pale pink and his eye has not yet changed from black to red which is another sign a spoonbill is maturing.

After the seafood buffet was concluded, the pair preened and relaxed for a bit before jumping off and flying over to join some wood storks in the trees for an afternoon nap.





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