“Hey! Look What I Can Do!”

Earlier this week we had a white ibis and snowy egret fishing together in the salt marsh. Suddenly the ibis decided he wanted to show off for his snowy friend and go into a full fluff and twist act.

I thought the expression on snowball’s face was priceless, he never reacted even slightly. Even as the ibis walks away looking all pleased and satisfied with himself I couldn’t get a read on the snowy. He was either thinking… “Dude, that was so totally awesome!” Or… “Man, that ibis is nuts.”

Either one works I suppose but comical and interesting in any case.  🙂





8 thoughts on ““Hey! Look What I Can Do!”

  1. Just got back from a week in Garden City Beach. Was lucky enough to see lots of these guys! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ibis before. It makes me think of a pool vacuum when it’s feeding. I took more pics than ever this trip!! Even had a bald eagle posing for me on the roof of the condo every morning. I’ve got shots of what I think is a tri-colored heron doing the shake and fluff thing. (I’ve got to do some research now that I’m home…..so many different kinds of birds in one place!!!)

    Love, love, love your photos!!!!!

    • We love GC Beach!
      Nice you saw an eagle! They are certainly hanging around in the neighborhood.
      Glad you like seeing my photos and the ibis are a great group of fun birds! 🙂

  2. I’m thinking he is saying to himself, “Dude, I can’t believe you’re humiliating yourself in front of these people with cameras. Haven’t you ever heard of stiff upper lip?

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