Strutting His Stuff

Earlier this week in the salt marsh, we had a great blue heron showing off for the world.

Maybe it was the bright sunshine, but the thing about blue herons is that they always think they have an audience even when they don’t.

This day was no different, we were the only ones around to potentially impress.

Although…to be fair, we were sort of impressed.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

gbh struts in salt marsh 01

gbh struts in salt marsh 02

gbh struts in salt marsh 03ย 



26 thoughts on “Strutting His Stuff

    • This heron was really turning on the charm and giving 100% to his performance. He remained surprisingly quiet though, they are almost always yacking about something (or nothing). ๐Ÿ™‚

    • These birds don’t even need an audience to perform.
      What I always find amusing is how they often feel compelled to loudly announce their arrivals and departures. As if the entire world needs to be informed.
      Glad you liked the pics!

        • I know just what you mean, and itโ€™s often the people that would be better off being more quiet. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Thanks for looking and please excuse my lack of communication recently, Iโ€™ve had health issues that Iโ€™m still dealing with. Details hopefully forthcoming. Talk soon.

  1. I love your photography it makes me feel
    Like i really want to move back south and miss all the beautiful nature down there and sea creatures, plus the weather thanks for sending me these amazing pictures ur obotogrsphy gives me the chills because its so rare to get photography esp of nature down south. Most pics I do get are from NYC Skylines, not that Im knocking it, I think NYC esp
    manhattan from the sky is the most beautiful gothic place in the world or i get pics of snow, snow and more snow, which Im completly sick of, so its really a gift getting your pictures remebering yes, there is real nature there thats more beautiful and alive reminding me that nature is more beautiful than skylines Thanks Linda

    • Hi Linda, thank you for you pleasant and thoughtful reply. I myself lived in NYC for a time and we both lived in the northeast U.S. for years so we are well acquainted with blizzards and ice.
      I enjoy not having to deal with any of that but we do have hurricane concerns which can be worse in some ways.
      In any case Iโ€™m glad you enjoy seeing the local wildlife here as much as I do. Fifteen years ago I never dreamed I would be observing and photographing species such as alligators and spoonbills but here we are! Itโ€™s fun and glad you like seeing it all.

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