Spoonies Are Back!

The beach and salt marsh area had only been opened by the state about two weeks, and after hearing reports of Roseate Spoonbill sightings we had to head over and check out the scene.

Well there were indeed several spoonbills out feeding during low tide. One of the older birds was off by himself having a delightful time scooping up numerous amounts of fish and shrimp. After a short time another younger spoonie came flying in to join the fun. That did not initially go over too well with our more mature friend who concluded it was time to express his displeasure by attempting to bite the leg of the newcomer. He just barely missed with that one, but the message was received.

Just before we left, yet another of the big, pink visitors came in for a landing. Now it’s only a matter of waiting to see if they end up sticking around for the entire season. In any case, always great to see these fun birds!


17 thoughts on “Spoonies Are Back!

    • Not sure where the anewchapter22 is from. Don’t remember that as my sign in…..anyway it’s Ricky Simpson. I was thinking about you and Alyce not long ago. Good to hear from you!

      • Hey Ricky! That’s pretty odd they changed your sign in name on you, hope you get it straightened out.
        Great hearing from you and appreciate the visit and checking out the Spoonbills!

    • Thanks very much Maggie, great to see you here. If things work out, I’m going to attempt to post more often.
      For the past three months I’ve been concentrating on our backyard birds since we were practically on quarantine.
      I never thought, I could have been posting those pics here, got some nice ones. Maybe I will.

  1. Thanks for sharing with these interesting images. One of these day I hope to get a shot that I like of these spoonies.

  2. I’ve been keeping up with Judy/Janthina, but had somehow lost track of you. I’m so glad to see you back — and with a post of one of my favorite birds! I hope all’s well, and I’m hoping to see more posts in the future — although your archives are rich enough to keep me busy for a while!

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