December Pelicans

For the past few years we have been receiving fairly regular December visits by the white pelicans. They can and will arrive at other times of the year, but the marsh pond in December seems to be on their standard reservation list.

They generally don’t do excessive amounts of flying, most of their time is usually spent gliding through the water in search of a meal. This is the opposite of the brown pelicans who fly quite a bit and feed by diving face first into the water, landing with a head pounding splash!

I can sympathize with the white pelicans whose sheer size and bulk make flying more of a chore. The wing span of the white pelicans is second in length only to the California Condor here in the States.

These guys also tend to float and fish in tight groups, their scoop and swallow technique appears almost choreographed, so it must be successful for them!

There was also one Roseate Spoonbill in attendance today which is uncommon for them, but who knows? Maybe they will ultimately become year round visitors which would be a nice change. 

4 thoughts on “December Pelicans

  1. They don’t look unlike the swans in the Swan Lake ballet – that beautiful plumage looks resembles the ballerina’s tutus. Super photos, Phil! Hope you and Alyce are doing ok.

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