“Hey Pal, Watch Your Feet!”

Well, the white pelicans are in and as usual they are dividing into little groups to fish the marsh pond area. 

At one point, a great blue heron came gliding in and almost clipped the head of the pelican on the right. 

You can see the big guy duck to avoid getting whacked, but once the heron landed it was back to normal fishing procedure! 

6 thoughts on ““Hey Pal, Watch Your Feet!”

    • Thanks, glad you liked them. Everything was late here this year. The butterflies , hummingbirds, woodpeckers and wood storks. But the white pelicans arrived early and have been arguing with the cormorants over fishing rights. We also have some roseate spoonbills still hanging around which is surprising. We don’t get the sandhill cranes though. I’d like to see them.

  1. Whoops, that was close! The Pelicans look so graceful on the water, then, when they fly they are the globemasters of the bird world. Winter has finally come to the UK after a prolonged, unusually warm Autumn. Many of our migrant birds were late arriving but are here now. First frost night before last.
    Hope you and Alyce are well?

    • Yes, those white pelicans sure are huge. They are better at fishing too then our common brown pelicans whose fishing technique is tough on their heads.
      Getting a few cold nights now but mixed with warmer days.
      We are doing well, hope you folks are as well.

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