Don’t Call Me Crabby!!

For quite a while I have been posting photos of crabs being eaten by other animals (usually alligators) and it got to the point where I started to think of crabs as only being food for other species. But of course crabs themselves have to eat too, especially if they want to grow up to be big guys like this blue crab I found in the salt marsh earlier this month. He was snacking on all sorts of tiny marine life that were floating by his way.

I was watching him skitter along sideways in the shallow salt water and grab things in those large pincher claws and shove it all into his mouth. At this point it would have been cruel to see some gator or bird come along and try to make a meal of crabby, but not on this day.

Our crabby friend was the one doing all the snacking!

Blue Crab in Salt Marsh

Early Evening Fishing In The Marsh

Last week I was watching this tricolored heron fishing in the marsh. Tricolors are patient and determined hunters. They will stalk an area for a long time until finally shooting out that long neck to grab a fish.

Sometimes all that work only gets the heron a tiny snack, but for them a large part of it seems to be the thrill of the hunt!

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Pond

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Pond

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Pond

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Pond

“So That’s Where You Pick To Dry Your Wings?!?”

This cormorant may not have chosen the *best* spot to stand around and dry off his wings. But other then one big mouth, no one seems to care much so I guess it’s working out OK for now.

Cormorant with Alligator Group

Big Guy Coming In

Right now most of the brown pelicans we see are flying around the beach area, but at certain times of the year they will come into the salt marsh at high tide to get some fishing done.

Brown Pelican Moving In

Brown Pelican Moving In

Breakfast To Go

An egret flies across the marsh with a fresh caught early morning meal.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to move over to a more quiet area where you are free to eat breakfast alone. Especially if there are other birds in the area (I’m talking to you Great Blue Heron!) that may have ideas of taking your meal away from you!

Egret Flying With Fish

This Guy Has The Right Idea

Beautiful warm morning today and this alligator was wisely taking advantage of the gorgeous weather by soaking up the rays!

At first he was awake and taking a look around, but then closed his eyes and settled in for a long pleasant nap in the sun.

We should all be so lucky.  :-)

Alligator Morning Nap in the Sun

Alligator Morning Nap in the Sun

Just Going About Our Business

On a recent evening in the salt marsh, an egret, a spoonbill, and an alligator all keep busy hunting for dinner.

Neither the egret or the spoonbill were on the dinner menu for this young alligator however. He would more likely be after a nice crunchy crab or a mouthful of fresh fish.

Egret Spoonbill and Alligator

Coming In Fast And Low

Earlier this month I spotted this osprey on a rapid descent toward the salt marsh coming in just above the reeds.

These birds have a perfect aerodynamic body shape for their style of hunting.

Osprey Flight Over The Salt Marsh


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