This fish looks more than a little startled to suddenly find itself in this predicament…speared on the end of an anhinga’s sharp bill as it pops up out of the marsh!

Anhinga with Startled Fish

Saturday Is Crab Night At The Marsh

This alligator went for the blue crab special last night in the salt marsh.

When you hear the crunch, you know the crab is fresh!

Alligator Crunching a Crab

Woody’s Big Breakfast

Earlier this week a wood stork doing some morning fishing plucked a nice mullet out of the marsh for breakfast.

That wouldn’t be my first choice from a breakfast menu, but Woody seemed quite pleased with his meal!

Woodys Big Breakfast

Not So Stealthy This Time

Alligators can often be quite sneaky. They can lurk underwater and surface just at the right (or wrong…depending on perspective) time.

So earlier this week I noticed this big guy trying to act all casual at the edge of the marsh pond. I almost didn’t see him because he was trying to use the tall grass to conceal himself from view as he maneuvered his nose in position right in front of where I was standing.

But I knew what he was up to. Our gator friend was attempting to trap some fish up against the edge of the water where they would be easy pickings. Once he caught one he got all excited and the stealthiness went right out the window. When a big alligator gets himself all excited and starts splashing around in the water, scooping up weeds along with fish, they are fairly tough to miss.

Alligator Feeding at the Edge of the Marsh

Alligator Feeding at the Edge of the Marsh

Alligator Feeding at the Edge of the Marsh


Fishing Only Looks Like Fun

This anhinga fishing in the marsh pond yesterday afternoon might look like he’s having a fun time but fishing is serious business.

The fact that anhingas will flip a fish off their sharp bill and catch it head first in mid air is just an added bonus that makes dinner prep a bit more entertaining!  :-)

Anhinga Flipping Fish in the Marsh Pond

Anhinga Flipping Fish in the Marsh Pond

Good Mood?…Maybe…

Yesterday afternoon our good pal Mr. A seemed to be in a good mood when he came floating over to my side of the marsh pond to say hello.

I of course can’t tell for sure, but I do wonder what he’s thinking…

Alligator in Marsh Pond Watching Me

Morning Fog Patrol

This morning it was grey, overcast, and foggy over at the marsh. Along with the usual assortment of egrets, herons, and wood storks, we also had this osprey circling above the water as it hunted for breakfast.

Ospreys are generally quite skilled at fishing but I never did see this one grab a fresh meal. The last I saw of him he was heading off toward the beach to try his luck in the ocean…

Morning Osprey Flights

Morning Osprey Flights

Morning Osprey Flights


This past weekend we had a pair of black skimmers show up and start working the marsh pond.

They are amazing birds to watch and wherever you see bubbles in the water, that’s fish jumping in a panic to get away from the approaching skimmer!

Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers


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