The Lovely Mrs. Anhinga

Earlier in the week I saw this female anhinga drying her wings along the edge of the marsh pond. I quickly noticed she displayed the bright ‘eye makeup’ colors that indicate breeding condition. The males also will display a similar color pattern at this time of year but I thought the Mrs. looked particularly fashionable all decked out with her formal makeup applied!

Around this same time another female came flying in and I grabbed a shot for comparison. You can see this lady is not in breeding color so perhaps her turn will come next season. 

Mrs Anhinga

Mrs Anhinga

Mrs Anhinga

Mrs Anhinga

Popular Spot

Two days ago this stump out in the salt marsh seemed to be *the* hot spot for several of the wading birds. First it was claimed by an egret who stood there for a while watching his friend fish. Then he was evicted by a different egret who immediately attracted the attention of a great blue heron.

Well naturally the heron wanted the stump, if for no other reason then he didn’t want the egret to have it. However, the blue heron could not quite fit properly standing at the very top the way the egret did, so he moved down to the lower level where he proceeded to watch an egret fish.

This did not prove to be quite as exciting as the heron hoped and he quickly became bored and as you can see in the 13 second video below, he left the area to pursue some excitement elsewhere.

Popular Spot

Popular Spot

Popular Spot

Popular Spot

Feeling Better and…Thanks!

Well I’m feeling much better this week and I wish to thank you all for the kind thoughts, prayers, and comments I have received! Your continued and ongoing support and encouragement has meant a lot to me over what has been a difficult time. I now see light at the end of the tunnel and am feeling positive and optimistic about the upcoming summer months and all the wildlife activity that I hope to witness and capture.

I also thought what better way to represent that then a photo of our own dysfunctional yet beloved spoonbill from last summer Mr. Cranky!  If even our grumpy pink friend can have a happy look on his face then so can I!

I’m quite ready to get back out to the marsh and see what’s been going on and I especially want to check on those mischievous alligators who always seem to be up to something!

Thanks again my friends, you are the best!

Feeling Better




Not Feeling Well…

I have been feeling quite ill these past few days and unfortunately I haven’t been able to spend much time in blog world…

Right now I look about as roughed up as this poor great blue heron, although I don’t think my eyes are quite as bright.

I’m looking forward to being up and about soon. Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Not Feeling Well

Incoming Flight

A brown pelican comes cruising in from beyond the reeds of the salt marsh. These big birds take up a lot of airspace and generally get immediate clearance to land!

Brown Pelican Flight In From The Marsh

“Can’t A Guy Get Any Peace And Quiet Around Here?!”

This turtle’s morning started out nice enough yesterday, even the alligators left him alone so he could enjoy a nap on a small bog in the swamp. The poor turtle’s calm peaceful morning would not last long however…

First a moorhen went swimming by which didn’t create too much of a fuss since he was at least fairly quiet about it. But once a green heron showed up and started walking back and forth squawking and carrying on, the calm of the morning was officially over for the turtle!

Turtle and Friends

Turtle and Friends

Turtle and Friends

Osprey On Alert

An osprey keeps an alert eye out for a potential fish in the marsh pond down below. A light grey, overcast sky in the background combined with the exposure gave this flight a high key, almost studio shot appearance.

Osprey Flight Against Grey Sky

One Last Fish…

A great egret silhouetted by setting sunlight plucks one last fish out of the marsh pond yesterday evening before finally calling it a night…

Sunset Silhouette of Egret Fishing


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