Can’t A Guy Get A Little Peace And Quiet Around Here?!?!

This morning we saw an alligator enjoying a nice nap in the sun. But his peaceful rest was rudely interrupted by the arrival of an egret. The egret landed and stared at the gator for a bit, then the bird walked around to the other side and started scratching and preening which was keeping the gator awake. Finally the egret leaves and the gator goes back to his nap. But in no time at all an anhinga shows up. The anhinga was drying off his wings and flapping them all around which once again woke up the now irritated alligator. Well, that was it, the gator had enough. Realizing no peace was going to be found here, he storms off in disgust leaving the anhinga alone to enjoy the sunny morning.

4 thoughts on “Can’t A Guy Get A Little Peace And Quiet Around Here?!?!

    • Hey Jen, wow, glad you like the stories along with the pics!
      I enjoy providing a bit of information along with what I believe they would be saying if they could talk. 🙂

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