Fish For Breakfast

Yesterday we were watching this anhinga fishing for his morning meal in the marsh pond.

The anhinga is a water bird that fishes by swimming underwater and spearing a fish on the end of it’s very sharp bill.

It then surfaces with the fish now stuck on it’s bill. The anhinga will shake and flip the fish to get it off it’s bill in order to swallow the fish head first.

This amazing bird is extremely skilled at aquiring it’s prey and can be very interesting and entertaining to observe.

6 thoughts on “Fish For Breakfast

  1. These are such amazing birds to watch when they fish! Between the diving, spearing, flipping etc…I am totally in awe watching them! You captured her beautifully!

  2. They are amazing and not just fun but challenging to photograph as well.
    I’m really happy when one goes in to fish nearby me and I have an oportunity to get a shot of it coming up with a fish.
    Thanks for looking Molly!

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