You have to keep your eyes open when walking around the edge of the marsh…As we discovered the other night, you never know what you might find hidden down among the weeds!

15 thoughts on “Lurking

  1. Nice shot Phil. I use to survey for a dredging outfit in Mississippi and finding a nest was your worst fear. They were always in the high weeds and you never knew they were there until you were right on top of them. That is when you learned how high you could jump and how fast you could move. Hey you might be interested in a site I belong to there are a lot of pro photogs there. Just thought I would mention it because I thought it might be of interest to you personally. I definitely do not want to spam your site and I apologize if I have.

    • Thanks Jimi.
      A momma alligator around a nest is not something anyone should ever get close to. heh heh
      You only hope you can move fast enough.
      I’ll be sure to check out that site.
      See ya

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