“Why Did The Gator Cross The Road?”

The answer better not be…”To eat the photographer!”

This morning an alligator marched itself up out of the marsh to say “hello!”

19 thoughts on ““Why Did The Gator Cross The Road?”

  1. I came across your website earlier this week, and I absolutely love your photos and stories! Thank you so much for taking the time to post them! They are wonderful!!! Beautiful photographs and fun commentary! Just GREAT!!!

    • Oh wow thanks Carol for stopping by and for your kind comments! I’m very glad you enjoy seeing the pictures and also have fun reading the stories.! I greatly appreciate your interest in my blog!
      See ya

  2. I love the expressions you capture. Maybe you should start a line of greeting cards. These are fabulous Phil…just fabulous. During each of my alligator tours I give them your blog address. You’re such a wonderful resource.

  3. This one sure looks like he is not very happy with you taking photos of him. He might be a celebrity and think you are the paparazzi and want a piece of you.

    • The last things these guys want around is a mob of paparazzi invading their privacy and putting them in the tabloids.
      These might need to try wearing disguises.
      Thanks for commenting Geri May!

  4. Phil I want to go down this morning what time is best do you think??? I am not sure what one of the tide charts to look at. I was thinking about 12:00 would that be about right???

    • Brenda they have been seen going into the salt marsh to hunt for fish and crabs fairly often lately.
      They also seem to be enjoying swimming around in the pond since the water is at a level they can get around comfortably in.
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  5. Phil –

    You sure get the best shots!! I’ve shared your site on my FB page lots of times so everyone can see what’s happening at our favorite state park…and, plus what a great photographer you are!! I definitely need to go along with you guys sometime so I can see these things in person. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and love of nature!!


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