Fresh Caught Shark!

Yesterday evening we saw this osprey flying above the marsh carrying a small shark in it’s talons.

We figure it very likely just plucked the shark from the ocean as we were only a few hundred yards from the beach.

22 thoughts on “Fresh Caught Shark!

  1. Amazing photo! that’s quite a catch! Friday night we saw a young osprey perched at the top of a bare tree. and we watched him for quite a while. He was very aware of us and seemed curious but certainly not threatened.

  2. Wow, what a shot. Sue was telling me about the osprey flying over with the shark and mentioned that you got a shot of it. Sounds like this was a terrific photo week. Wish I could have been there.

  3. These are beautiful, Phil. Your work is gorgeous! Can you share anything on shutter speed, f-stop, lens you used to get this shot? Or have you discussed this anywhere? Thanks again for sharing your work online!

    • Hi Kevin, thanks very much for checking out these pics and for your kind words about all my photos!
      I use a Canon 7D most often with a Canon 300 4 with a Canon 1.4 extender attached.
      These osprey shots were taken at 1000 shutter, lens at 6.3 and 200 ISO using manual exposure.
      1000 is about as low a shutter as I generally use on BIF shots.
      In the gallery pages above, “Alligator Photos” etc. clicking on an individual image gives the exif data for that image.
      Thanks again for looking!

    • I believe you are right Penny.
      Of course we often talk for the animals when we photogrpaph them imagining what they might be saying, because they do have personalities.
      Glad you liked my pics and thanks for checking them out!

  4. Yeah Penny we try to have a good time out there. Especially on the down time when we are waiting for something interesting to happen or show up. I’m sure you will continue to enjoy photography and get many outstanding images! πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome Phil! The Osprey is my favorite raptor and there are now quite a few in my area.m I had the pleasure of watching one this summer attacking a Juvenile Golden Eagle at about 200 feet above me, the Eagle didn’t stand a chance, I did get photos but not as clear as I would of liked, Maybe I’ll post it anyway on my blog,
    Again amazing captures, well done!

    • Thanks Richard for checking out these photos and glad you liked them! We also have quite a few osprey in our area here. Around this time year they seem to be mostly fishing the ocean rather then inland marshes and ponds. Interesting about your osprey/eagle encounter. What we generally see are the bald eagles waiting for an osprey to come flying by with a fish and then the eagle attacks and chases the osprey to get the fish. The eagles are also happy to take a large fish from a GBH before the heron can eat it. All too often the eagles seem happy to let another bird do the work. πŸ™‚

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