Snowy Gets An Earful!

We had high drama last week in the salt marsh among the oyster beds.

A snowy egret comes up with a major attitude and decides to get all snippy with his friend and send him off.

This is not extremely unusual for the snowys who seem to spend a large portion of their day fussing and arguing with each other.

But all the commotion got the attention of a white ibis who decided to march over and give the offending snowy a good talking to.

At one one point the snowy thought he could talk back but the ibis wasn’t having it.

So this time it was the cranky snowy who got sent off to find a new place along the marsh to continue fishing.

8 thoughts on “Snowy Gets An Earful!

  1. I could watch the Snowys all day long! These photos are beautiful. I especially like the ones where the wings are reflected. And the Ibis is just icing on the cake!

  2. What great photos!!! I’ve been telling all of my family members and friends to look at your website and everyone loves it! You are very kind to share with us! I feel like I’ve had a special visit to the coast every time I stop by! I say “special” visit because the chances are I wouldn’t even see these beautiful sights if I did make a trip to the coast! My mother and I live in different cities, but we have had so much fun looking at your photos and talking about them over the phone. What a JOY! Thank you!!!

    • Wow Carol, thanks very much for your visit here and for all your kind words about my blog and the photos!
      I’m so happy your family and friends are having fun as well viewing all the wildlife.
      I truly appreciate your wonderful comments!

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