“Mind If I Join You?”

Yesterday afternoon this great blue heron was doing a little casual fishing in the marsh pond when his alligator pal (with the really white teeth!) decided to drop by for a visit. After exchanging pleasantries, the gator settled in for a nice nap in the sun and the heron went back to fishing.

40 thoughts on ““Mind If I Join You?”

    • Yes they can move very fast, I’ve seen them run.
      But the birds seem to instictively know when the gators might be in feeding mode as opposed to just kinda laying around mode. Plus the birds are fast too, even large ones like this heron. One wing flap and there are off quick.
      An alligator would be more likey to attempt to snatch a bird using stealth mode and aproaching from underwater. 😯

  1. Wow, that heron is gutsy! I guess it hasn’t heard the Police song “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”. LOL! If I take my glasses off and back away from my monitor it even looks like it’s standing on the back of the gator…

    • Thanks! I’m happy you enjoyed these pics!
      I have seen this type of thing on several occassions (including again today) and the birds seem to know when to really watch out for an alligator.

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