At The End Of The Day…

Last week we were at the marsh pond as the day was winding down, but we weren’t the only ones enjoying the sunset. This great blue heron, having concluded his fishing for the day, appeared to be contemplating the colorful sunset before finally heading off to roost for the night.

38 thoughts on “At The End Of The Day…

  1. I think I prefer this type of wildlife photography where the subject is placed artistically in the landscape adding to the view if you wish – think I failed to get across what I meant here.

    • I often hesitate to apply human emotions to wild animal actions and then try to draw conclusions, but there has to be some consideration and appreciation for a really nice day vs. an awful weather day I would expect.
      Thanks a lot Molly!

  2. Peaceful feeling I wonder if animals appreciate the sunset like we do it does seem like it. It also seems like they enjoy watching the sunrise too. Now you have me wondering. :+)

    • This guy sure seemed to be relaxing and enjoying the overall pleasantness of the scene. I did not see it attempt to fish at all, it was merely just hangin’ around enjoying lfe. Well maybe…

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