The Coot Parade

Since it was a bright sunny day yesterday, we decided to go back out to the swamp and see if any of our alligator pals might be out sunbathing. We saw this one guy who was apparently so relaxed that he seemed completely oblivious to the parade of American Coots that marched by noisily behind him!

27 thoughts on “The Coot Parade

    • The coots actually look like chickens. πŸ˜† Well maybe they thought they could all gang up on the alligator if it started acting too feisty, heh heh
      Thank you for checking out these pics Sylvia and glad you like ’em!

    • Well the alligator was likely more interested in a nap in the sun then he would be a potential meal at this time of year anyway. I have seen coots or moorhens walk right across the back of a napping alligator in winter or early Spring.

      • You seem to be doing your level best to change my perceptions of alligators!! Your comments always seem so different than the violent scenes circulating in my head though I’m not sure where they came from.

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