Aerial Combat

Yesterday morning we saw an osprey flying across the marsh carrying a small fish it had just plucked out of the water.

Suddenly a bald eagle came swooping out of nowhere with a plan to take the fish from the osprey. A mid air battle ensued with the osprey taking evasive maneuvers, and the eagle matching him on every turn. Eagles are often quite successful at snatching a fish from another bird, but this osprey was determined to keep his tiny prize, and finally managed to shake off the eagle and fly away with his fish and pride intact.

In the first two photos where the osprey appears headless, it’s because he’s actually looking beneath and behind himself at the eagle, so what we see is the top of it’s head. In the last photo you can see the eagle reaching out with it’s talons in an attempt to grab the fish from the osprey. But…in the end the osprey was victorious and the eagle would have to go catch his own fish!

34 thoughts on “Aerial Combat

  1. Saw the pic on Ed’s FB page and was just amazed!! Your ears should have been ringing yesterday as we shared and talked about these photos!! I saw on FB where someone wants to do a painting of that one pic!! Absolutely breathtaking pics!! Thanks for sharing!! Connie and Ralph

  2. You know dear Phil, there are some plane shows in some of countries, every year… These photographs reminded me this human show by air-planes… They are amazing and as a show just for you, for your camera. I loved them. Thank you, love, nia

  3. Oh My Word! These pics are so amazing, Phil. That bit of synchronised flying is incredible. I’m so glad the osprey didn’t give in to that bully of an eagle, and won out in the end. 😀

  4. Phil these are amazing. To see those magnificent birds side by side like that is a sight rarely seen. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

  5. Remarkable, Phil. Like Mr. Krahn, I’m often proven wrong that you couldn’t possibly top a recent post. Absolutely remarkable.

  6. WOW! Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Great series. There there is know how on your part to capture the event with such style. Most impressive. Take two fish as a reward!

  7. Very nice series of photos, what sort of camera settings were you using? That seems to be my downfall with manual settings, by the time I get things set up the moment has passed. So I tend to use the camera’s built in scene settings.

  8. Truly wonderful aerial display!! I love the parallelism of the two birds and the differences in the textures and colors of the feathers of the two birds of prey. They are magnificent!

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