One Tough Day…

Just wanted to make a quick post to all my BBs (Blog Buddies) out there to let you know I will be unable to respond to your very kind comments on my blog, and also not be able to view and comment on your many excellent blogs for a short while.

Yesterday my wife and I took my elderly mom out to an early dinner and then to Garden City Beach to look at the ocean which is something she really enjoys a lot. Below is a picture of the beach taken this summer…

Soon after arriving my mom fell and banged her head against a wood fence railing and also fractured her shoulder in the fall. So we spent the better part of yesterday in the hospital ER. We were with my mom most of today already and will likely be spending time with her over the next several days.

Hope to be back annoying everyone with excessive photos of alligators soon!

41 thoughts on “One Tough Day…

  1. Such a stunning beautiful beach on a beautiful day. Only appropriate to have something so beautiful shine over a quite tragic and traumatic day. I can only pray for a strong and speedy recover for your mother. I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with concern and the efforts of caring for you. No worries, we will always be here for you. Make sure you take care of yourself as well as you mother. Hugs, Emily

  2. So sorry to learn of your mom’s horrible accident, and that she is in such pain. I can just imagine how concerned you all are for her. Wishing your precious mom a very speedy recovery and sending her gentle hugs. What a beautiful photo of the beach and the waves.

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