Shrimp Cocktail

Earlier this week we were watching this great blue heron who seemed to be enjoying hanging around the salt marsh and plucking shrimp out from among the oyster beds.

This is about as fresh as a nice seafood snack gets!

GBH Catching Shrimp

GBH Catching Shrimp

GBH Catching Shrimp

GBH Catching Shrimp

GBH Catching Shrimp

63 thoughts on “Shrimp Cocktail

  1. Great shrimping shot! I notice the blurry background often has the same appearance but I never see it clearly – I assume it is plant of some kind growing at the water’s edge?

    • Thanks, glad you like the shrimp buffet photos.
      Those are oyster beds in the background. They can be found in the salt marshes in this area.
      If you watch them carefully you can see how they spit out water.
      The beds get covered over with water when the tide comes in, then uncovered again as the tide goes out.
      Happens twice evey day. 🙂
      Most of the birds like this great blue heron are wading birds, and they wait for low tide to start fishing in the shallow water.

  2. I don’t remember ever seeing such a pinkish tinge on the legs or feathers of the ones we have around here. Might it have been the light? or do they also pick up a little pink if their diet is rich in shrimp or crawfish, like flamingos? In any event, wonderful photos. I just passed your site on to a friend who lives in South Carolina – I’m sure she’ll enjoy seeing some of her state through your eyes!

    • The younger great blue herons in this area seem to have more of reddish tinge to them in general. They tend to get a bit darker and bluer as they age. I don’t believe their diet here will affect their coloration too much, unlike the roseate spoonbills who will get more pink not only with age but as a result of eating lots of shrimp.
      If you check out this post from back in Oct. you will see a GBH that has some orange color on him which was unusual we thought.
      Thanks for passing along the site to your friend, I appreciate that. 🙂

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