Morning Flights

There were several different species of birds flying around the marsh yesterday morning.

I saw this wood stork fly across some pine trees…followed a little while later by a white ibis flying in the same area. A bright sun and crisp blue sky made for a beautiful morning to swoop over the marsh!

Wood Stork Flight

Ibis Flight

31 thoughts on “Morning Flights

  1. Just simply beautiful. How amazing it would be to have the power of flight. I used to wonder if birds really appreciated what a wonderful gift they have. Having seen the way the housemartins fly around here, playing chase, swooping, diving and swerving, clearly enjoying themselves, I think they do. 🙂

    • I think they do too. Just this morning as I was getting into my car and leaving I saw an adult and juvenile bald eagle flying and swooping together. They looked to me like they were just enjoying their ability to fly. Maybe a flight lesson, but I suspect they were really just having a good time.
      Thanks for checking out these pics.

  2. I saw a couple dozen wood storks yesterday. Truly, a face only a mother could love! Ironically, there was bad news for the wood stork in yesterday’s paper. The wood stork has been removed from the endangered species list. I’m glad that their numbers are up – but saddened that their habitat will again come under pressure from developers and commercial interests.

    • Yes they do truly have a face only a mother could love, that is for sure. But they arequite elegant flyers and look good from a distance.
      I also saw that about them being removed from the endangered list. Hopefully they will continue to thrive.

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    • Thanks. I am not a big fan of open blue (or worse yet grey) sky flight photos. I prefer a tree, marsh grass, or water type background when possible. Often though with high flyers like the raptors I have to take what I’m given and that’s usually an open sky shot. Guys like the waders will generally fly closer giving me better opportunities.

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