Time Lapse Video

Here is a 30 second time lapse video I made today showing some dark clouds rolling in at sunset.

This was 725 images one taken every five seconds for about an hour total time.

There is also a still shot I took about 15 mins. after I started the time lapse which would make it approx. 7 seconds into the video.

Sky and Clouds at Sunset

43 thoughts on “Time Lapse Video

    • Thanks for checking it out! Time lapse videos can be fun, you just hope it all works out because you never know for sure when you start it how the subject matter will look later.

    • Thanks Gunta! I was hoping for more color at the end there but that didn’t happen. So it goes with time lapse, you never know when you start it how your subject matter will look while it’s running and toward the end. 🙂

    • I think you are right about that, I do have too much time on my hands heh heh 😀
      I have an interval timer that plugs into the camera that I set for whatever I want…one pic every 5 seconds, one pic every minute, anything is possible for any duration. So it just sits there and runs itself and I can do other things.
      I have done time lapse videos of the sky or sunset from my backyard and I can go inside and goof around while it’s running. 🙂

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