A Cold Day In The Swamp

Last night’s wind and rain storm brought in a cold front for this morning. We had temps drop down to the 40s F with strong wind gusts.

It was a cold morning, but with not a cloud in the sky, it was also a very bright and sunny morning. So I thought I would go check out the swamp to see if the various ducks, coots, moorhens etc. might be out and active. I was shocked to see an alligator laying out along the edge of the water. Although the gators do like sun, they generally don’t like cold and they really don’t care for strong wind either. I was even more surprised when after watching this guy for only a short time, he decided to leave his spot in the sun and swim over to a new spot. This new location did not seem all that more comfortable to me, but what do I know?

Quickly a few moorhens who had been feeding nearby came floating over to check out the new arrival. This was really turning into a popular spot!

Alligator in the Swamp on a Cold Day 01

Alligator in the Swamp on a Cold Day 02

Alligator in the Swamp on a Cold Day 03

Alligator in the Swamp on a Cold Day 04

Alligator in the Swamp on a Cold Day 05

Alligator in the Swamp on a Cold Day 06

31 thoughts on “A Cold Day In The Swamp

    • Thanks for checking this out Dina! The sun was warm, but the air and wind chill was cold.
      Don’t think they are juvie moorhens, they likely know that the alligators are mostly just interested in laying around soaking up the sun this time of year and not hunting and eating.

  1. I love gators, too. They are always impressive to look at – and slow enough that even *I* can photograph them without blurring. 🙂 On really COLD days, a gator will dig a den into the bank and huddle up in there to keep warm. And then when the sun comes out, the gator leaves and other swamp critters move in.
    Great shots, Phil – and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Glad you enjoy the gator pics and I appreciate you commenting!
      Yes the alligators are quite helpful in creating places for other species to live and also chasing away potential predators.
      Merry Christmas to you as well! 🙂

  2. Never a dull moment at the swamp. Great shots as usual. Do you suppose the ‘gator came out to wish us all a merry christmas? May your holidays be jolly, too!

    • I was really surprised there was this much going on in the swamp today. I was figuring I would just end up going home with no pics of nything today.
      Merry Christmas to you and if I have a chance I may check out the swamp on Christmas Day to see if Santa brought any good little boy and girl alligators presents.

  3. Looks like he was bored. Wow, that storm was crazy here last night. I thought the end of the world was coming! you’re lucky you had a sunny day to follow. We still have high winds coming in tomorrow. Time to batten down the hatches.

    • He might have been bored, none of his pals were out so he had no one to play with. The dopey coots and moorhens are not much fun. 😉
      Yup, that was some storm, still nice and sunny here but also still cold. Supposed to be 60 or so for Christmas so that’s OK with me. Of course 70 would be better but I’ll take it. 😀

  4. Incredible shots, my friend.
    The clarity is unreal.
    I LOVE the ducks in focus while the gator is in the background.
    Don’t tell me if he ended up having them for lunch 🙂

    • Hey thanks very much Joy, I’m really glad you liked these photos!
      I wish I could have got the gator in better focus too in the background, normally I will but I was working fast and could not get the DOF I needed in time so I went with birds in focus, gator slightly out.
      No the alligator just ignored the birds and the birds mostly ignored the gator. They alligators are not hunting and feeding at this time of year and I guess the birds know it. 🙂

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