Eagle At Sunset

Late yesterday afternoon, just as the sun was close to setting, we saw this bald eagle cruising above the marsh hunting for a meal.

At one point it flew right over our heads, lit by the glow of the warm setting sunlight. Notice also the jet contrails visible in the sky…it was a great day to be in the air!

Bald Eagle Flight

32 thoughts on “Eagle At Sunset

  1. Keep looking. One of these days you’ll find an eagle leaving a contrail, and then you’ll be both rich and famous!
    Really – a beautiful eagle and a gorgeous shot. The sunset glow is perfect.

  2. Phil first off thanks ever so much for the help. I have a long, long way to go but with people like you around it will make
    the road a little easier. Now here Donna and I leave after waiting on the eagle and you get to see it. Also the sunset
    was so great yesterday we should have stayed around. By the way I am having a cup of coffee with you lol.

    • Thanks a bunch Molly! It was a great end to the day, and we almost left earlier and missed it.
      Of course right at the exact time the eagle came by, a group of white pelicans flew over too. I was watching the eagle and almost totally missed the pelicans.

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