So What Was THAT All About?!

Yesterday afternoon I saw this great egret standing around in the salt marsh minding it’s own business when suddenly a great blue heron came swooping in and made a giant fuss.

Normally when the blue herons do this, the idea is to chase off the other bird because it is seen as a competitor for food. But in this case the egret didn’t leave and the heron didn’t seem to care one way or another.

I believe that it may simply be the great blue heron’s nature to create a huge scene when so much drama is not even required. Maybe they just get bored and enjoy making life a bit more interesting!

GBH and Egret Incident

GBH and Egret Incident

GBH and Egret Incident

GBH and Egret Incident

50 thoughts on “So What Was THAT All About?!

  1. Heh heh … I saw something similar yesterday – a vulture chased a red-tailed hawk out of a nice, grassy perch. You don’t usually see hawks on the ground – and you didn’t this time either, once the vulture got there. The hawk left in quite a huff. The ole buzzard just sat there looking smug. 🙂

    • Thanks much Sylvia! Yes the wing position is my favorite part of photos like these. I tend to overlook how big these birds are when I see one just standing there, but with the wings full out they are impressive.

  2. There we were just the other day talking about how beautiful the GBH is, with his maroon jodhpurs and paisley vest with the fantastic feathered front – and up it pops – as though to remind us just how remarkable a bird it is! I think with looks like that we should expect dramatic behaviour, don’t you, Phil?

    Wonderful series, as usual. What pleasure your visits to the salt marsh have given me since I chanced upon your site! Thank you. Best wishes for a healthy, happy and productive 2013 🙂

    • Sometimes I think I could re-design this entire blog and make it The Life of the Great Blue Heron, and just post GBH shots exclusively. I like them enough that I could do that but with so much else to potentially view and photograph I guess I’ll stick with more general theme. 🙂

      I truly appreciate your very kind comments and I’m so happy you have been enjoying the photos and stories!

      Happy New Year!

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