Another Sunset

Here is tonight’s sunset at the marsh. Not nearly as colorful or dramatic as last night’s, but I did find something amusing about this sunset.

Does anyone else see what almost looks like a face in the clouds in the left, center area?

Murrells Inlet Sunset

42 thoughts on “Another Sunset

    • If I would have noticed it as I was taking the photos, I would have gotten a tight shot of just the ‘face’ part, but I didn’t realize it was there until reviewing the images later at home. I could have had a fun Halloween shot. heh heh

  1. Yes, I can see the really ugly cartoon like face. Often various images present in cloud formations. The formations break up after a vey short time as the water vapor and air currents move. This is a very pretty sunset. Nice to see on a cold morning where I live.

    • Yes it is sort of a bizarre cartoon like ‘face’. Wish I would have noticed this when I was taking the photos, I would have made a tighter shot of just the face part.
      Glad you liked this pic!

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