Manny, Moe and Jack

This morning started off sunny and fairly mild so we went over to the swamp hoping some of our reptile friends might be out relaxing in the sunshine. We quickly noticed Manny, Moe and Jack were lounging around at the edge of the water taking advantage of some pleasant sunlight. Moe decided he needed a bit more sun on his face so he turned around to position himself at a better angle for that, followed soon by Jack who had the same idea.

Although Jack was clearly enjoying the morning sun, he apparently thought things were getting a bit too crowded in that location so he headed off  find a nap spot of his own. It was too bad he left because he missed all the excitement as a moorhen that was picking at marsh weeds came floating into the scene. Well maybe excitement isn’t the best description of the event as Manny and Moe appeared completely unimpressed and totally disinterested in the moorhen’s presence.

Morning Alligators in the Swamp

Morning Alligators in the Swamp

Morning Alligators in the Swamp

Morning Alligators in the Swamp

Morning Alligators in the Swamp

Morning Alligators in the Swamp

41 thoughts on “Manny, Moe and Jack

  1. Darn gators never listen to us. “Eat Moorhen, less Heron”.

    I was out in the northern Everglades yesterday. Not a gator to be found – but the best birding day I’ve had in years. No bald eagle, no green heron – but just about every other swamp/marsh critter, including the biggest gathering of Roseate Spoonbills I’ve ever seen.

    • Well I’m happy to hear you are a fan of the alligators!
      I call those photos where there is a bird, or birds, in the same frame with alligators “Proximity” shots.
      I try to purposely look for those photo opportunities whenever possible.
      Thanks very much for checking out these pics!

  2. Sembra impossibile vedere come è indifferente alla presenza della gallinella, il primo pensiero che viene nel vedere queste splendide foto è che poi se la mangi in un boccone. Molto meglio per la gallinella che non lo abbia fatto!! 🙂
    Ciao, Pat

    • They are mostly still in for the season. But when we get a mild day like today with a lot of sun there is the possibilty for one or two to come out for a nap in the sun. Today we happened to see several.
      Supposed to be 70F here for a few days so I will go back and keep looking for them. They may be confused and think Spring is here already but we will have winter through Feb.

  3. Hi from England! Love the pics of the moorhen perilously near the alligators, is the moorhen not aware of them, silly enough not to bother, or does it know when they are no threat? The workings of wild creatures minds never fails to intrigue me!

    • Hi Maggie, thank you very much for looking and commenting on these photos!
      The birds do seem to know when the alligators are not in a hunting and feeding mode. This time of year the alligators do not really eat at all. Come Spring they will be very hungry though and the birds will know this too. 😯 🙂

    • So glad you liked the alligator photos!
      I won’t mention that gecko remark to them. I think they kind of see themselves as hardened warriors and I know they can be rather sensitive, and we *certainly* do not want any hurt feelings out there. 😉 😀

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