The Grizzled Veteran

With mostly sunny skies and temps this morning approaching 70F, we suspected the Spring like conditions could possibly bring out one of the larger alligators and we were correct. As soon as we arrived we spotted this old timer sunning himself along the edge of the water in the swamp. He had the face of a seasoned veteran that had been around for quite a while and had done and seen it all.

At one point a moorhen who was picking it’s way through the water floated into the scene. As is typical at this time of year the alligator’s metabolism is slowed way down and they are not at all interested in feeding. They mostly just wish to warm up a bit in the sun and will ignore birds such as this moorhen who continued along his merry way!

Big Gator in Swamp

Big Gator in Swamp

Big Gator in Swamp

Big Gator in Swamp

Big Gator in Swamp

Big Gator in Swamp

46 thoughts on “The Grizzled Veteran

    • Nice fang reflection huh? 😀
      Temps are unseasonably warm for Jan. We can have cold nights, but yes it gets hot in the summer. Sometimes too hot to go to the beach or ride my motorcycle.

      • No reflection like a fang! I should have guessed you would have a bike. I have one too. We likely don’t have as many days when it’s too hot to ride. Hard to find a climate that’s perfect.

        • Oddly, I probably ride my bike less here now then when I lived in the northeast U.S. where the riding weather was much less cooperative. Lately I’ve been thinking of selling it though. Could be a new 500 4 or a new rifle (or both) 🙂
          What do you have? I have a 2003 HD Wide Glide.

          • I have a 2008 Yamaha Stratoliner. There seemed to be less nice days last year but that may have been me.
            Interestingly I bought a smaller bike instead of a 500 4 about 10 years ago. My priorities have changed since then.
            Might be hard working the rifle and lens at the same time!

  1. he does look a tad raddled, Phil. I wonder if he’s as old as my MiL, who turns 100 this year, She’s in much better shape, and has hardly any wrinkles. 😀 Fabulous photos as usual, Phil. 🙂

    • He is nowhere near the age of your very sweet MiL. This boy looks like he has plenty of wrinkles. I will avoid pointing out any potential beauty flaws to him however, I have a feeling it just wouldn’t do me a bit of good. 🙂

    • Heh heh, I had a feeling that last pic could give the impression the poor moorhen didn’t make it, but that’s why I put in the write up that he was fine. 🙂
      Glad you liked these photos!

    • I wanted to get them all different colored hats, or maybe T shirts, but I need a volunteer to talk the gators into wearing these items. Maybe they would like Hello Kitty watches? Each gets a different color watch band. 😀
      Those moorhens and coots are both more then a little wacky.

    • The funny (or maybe not so funny) thing about the one that snuck up behind my wife and I was that you would think they would make a heck of a racket busting up through some weeds and bushes at the edge of the marsh, but it didn’t made a sound. I just happened to get a feeling I should turn around. I never heard anything.
      But…he probably only wanted to say hello anyway. 🙂

      • …and your wife was fine with this? I have a hard enough time with a little lizard that seems to like sunning itself by my back door and scares me out of my wits when it tries to come in. 😉

          • I watched the video again and I still think they’re kind of creepy in a prehistoric sort of way. At least they don’t dart as fast as the little guys… or at least I hope not!

    • Oh absolutely! A compliment is certainly the way to go, especially with knowing how sensitive they can be. One never wishes to hurt the fellow’s feelings. 😀
      Thanks very much Adrian, I’m very glad you enjoyed the morning’s swamp activity!

  2. Great gator pictures and tough hide textures for sure! Even though you say he was not interested in the little feathered feast strolling by…picture 6 looks like the gator is suddenly alert and thinking ‘where’d he go!”
    Fun shots!!

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