Here He Comes!

Here’s one from the summer…

An alligator was taking a slow cruise down along the salt marsh at low tide this past August. He said hello to his egret friend as he passed, stopped to scoop a little snack out of the mud, then continued on his way. Nice lazy summer evening in the marsh.

Alligator Cruising Salt Marsh

Alligator Cruising Salt Marsh

Alligator Cruising Salt Marsh

Alligator Cruising Salt Marsh

Alligator Cruising Salt Marsh

Alligator Cruising Salt Marsh

Alligator Cruising Salt Marsh

41 thoughts on “Here He Comes!

  1. Grace, fear, monster, beauty…. 🙂 they all together so beautiful… I wished to express better than this. Thank you dear Phil, I would have never thought that one day I will love this monster 🙂 Love, nia

  2. Gator swims up and steals Egret’s dinner. Egret moves on, grateful that HE wasn’t Gator’s dinner. With friends like that …

  3. Smashing series Phil. That meal of mud didn’t look too appetising. I’d have thought the egret would have made a tastier lunch but I’m learing from your photos Phil, these gators don’t behave how one would imagine. 🙂

    • I appreciate you checking out these photos and glad you like them!
      There was a small crab somewhere in that mud that our boy was interested in. Sometimes you get a little more mud sauce on your crabs then you prefer but so it goes in the marsh.
      I’m glad you notice that the alligators are not just savage predators always on the prowl for a meal of whatever might be unfortunate enough to be nearby. Of course the crabs may not feel so kindly toward the big guys. 🙂

    • The egret knows that an alligator in a situation like this is unlikely stalking for birds, crabs would be the menu item of choice for our big guy on this day. But…the egret will wisely keep it’s eyes open just in case. 🙂

  4. Hey Phil, I just realized that I have been missing most of your blog posts which is horrible because your photos are out of this world!! Do you not have that feature where you can sign up to receive emails each time you post? I am following you, but because I get so many blogs by email I forget to look at my “following” list. I would love to sign up for emails if you have that feature :).

    • It is pretty much business as usual on a day like that in the salt marsh. The unusual thing is find an alligator in the salt marsh at all. They do not live in salt water but will visit occasionally when they suspect they can scoop out fish and crabs at low tide. How they know when it’s low tide however continues to be a mystery to me.

      The egret is not tremendously concerned at this time. It also knows the gator is prowling mostly for crabs in a situation like this. Mostly.

    • Sure he’s smiling. He sees me, his best photographer pal and is so happy he can’t help but smile. 😉
      Actually the shape of the mouth produces that smile look. Probably why many people think they are so cute.
      Ok, well I’m probably one of the only ones that thinks that but ya know how it goes… 😀

  5. He looks like such a friendly alligator. The egret doesn’t even bat an eyelid, that’s if they have eyelids. 🙂 I love that second pic which looks like Mr Smiley with his beady eye is creeping up from behind. They are such amazing creatures, aren’t they? I can fully understand you wanting to hang out with them all day long.

    • Oh he’s plenty friendly. He’s the mayor of the marsh, on his third term now so he must be doing something right.
      I guess that something would be not eating his constituants. 🙂
      I’m looking forward to the Spring when the action should really heat up! 😀

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