From Out Of The Marsh…

Last week we saw this great egret come flying up from out of the reeds and across the marsh with a fresh caught fish. Normally the egrets will eat a fish right where they caught it, but in this case the bird took flight to prevent losing the fish to another bird. There were several other egrets plus some pelicans and great blue herons in the area, any of whom would be more then happy to relieve the egret of it’s prize catch!

Egret Flying with Fish

Egret Flying with Fish

Egret Flying with Fish

44 thoughts on “From Out Of The Marsh…

  1. It doesn’t even look like the bird has a good hold on that fish, and yet they manage to hang on to it. The lighting is wonderful in these shots.

    • Those bills must exert a lot more pressure then we would think. I have seen them holding large fish that seem impossible to hold on to yet somehow they do.
      Thank you for checking out these photos!

    • Ha, yes it is fish to go, and it does not get any fresher. 🙂
      This was a busy day with lots of competition out there so this egret did indeed wish to maintain possession of it’s fish.
      Glad you liked these egret photos Adrian!

  2. Phil, you are truly a master at the action shot! I cannot get that much detail and clarity – even shooting a stationary Egret carved out of ivory! Your loyal readers are grateful to you for sharing your talent, and giving us a glimpse of the natural world.

    • Thanks much for the kind comments! Well I figure they have to eat, and what they mostly eat is fish, so if I hang around long enough I’m hopefully going to eventually get pics of birds (or alligators) with fish. 🙂

    • Thanks a bunch D! So glad you like these pics!
      Where does your kitty get fish? Here we only have to occasionally take a small lizard away from one of ours after the lizard got lost and ended up inside our screen porch. 🙂

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