Ibis In The Afternoon

This afternoon we were watching a couple of white ibis fishing in the salt marsh during low tide. They were picking out little minnows, glass shrimp, and these tiny transparent eels. I suppose if the ibis eats enough of this seafood combo, it gets full, but in any case this one seemed quite pleased with it’s little snack! 

Ibis Fishing

28 thoughts on “Ibis In The Afternoon

    • Yeah they are pretty wild. Don’t know if they are the Egyptian ones or not.
      She does look a bit porky doesn’t she? Kind of like a fat hen, but don’t tell her I said that. 🙂

    • He was out there with his friend and they were popping down little marine crustaceans like crazy. I guess if you eat enough of even the little stuff it fills you up.
      Thanks Adrian!

  1. Hi from England! Yet another stunning picture, Phil! Staying with my daughter Lucy, the foraging photographer, for our grand-daughter’s birthday, so we can look at your incredible pictures together – what a treat!

    • Hi Maggie, great to hear from you! I’m thrilled you have the family together and you all have been enjoying the photos. That’s so very nice to know everyone is having fun viewing the pics!
      Tell your grand daughter happy birthday for me and say hi to Lucy!

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