A Slight Disagreement

Yesterday afternoon these two great egrets had a bit of a disagreement over who owns the hot fishing spot in the salt marsh.

The argument quickly escalated into an airborne display of egret supremacy. Although the initial winner seemed to be the one who grabbed the other egret in a firm beak lock, they both stayed in the general area and continued on with their day of fishing. But this is typical of the egrets and herons, they frequently mix a little fighting in with their fishing…it’s all part of a day in the marsh. 

Egret Battle in the Marsh

Egret Battle in the Marsh

Egret Battle in the Marsh

Egret Battle in the Marsh

Egret Battle in the Marsh

Egret Battle in the Marsh

Egret Battle in the Marsh

101 thoughts on “A Slight Disagreement

  1. You absolutely amaze me! Every day is yet another great capture, or two or three or four! Thanks so much for sharing these images. I look forward to your posts every single day.

  2. …. So I was talking about you with one of your fellow bloggers the other day. Best we can figure, you have a house there at the marsh, with a web cam running 24/7. The only other way you can get shots like this is to sell your soul to the devil — but I don’t remember purchasing your soul recently. 🙂

    • Heh heh, no house at the marsh although there are those that suspect I have a tent pitched somewhere in the woods around there. No truth at all to that rumor either. 🙂
      Hopefully the old soul remains intact and as always I appreciate your interest and support! Thanks!

  3. This is absolutely amazing series Phil. The first photo is mirror perfect, and watching the fight unfold mid-air is spectacular. I’m guessing you jumped up and down with excitement after taking these as this is a really awesome moment!

    • Thanks for the kind words Emily and I’m very happy you enjoyed these egret photos! I was pretty excited to get these pics, I got lucky about where it took place. Not too close so that they are jumping out of the frame and not too far so they are too small.

  4. Totally amazing pics Phil!! We can’t thank you enough on your sharing your passion with us!! Hope you and Alyce are doing well. We need to catch up real soon!!

  5. What outstanding photographs of the Egret dance! All your pictures are wonderful and I look forward to checking your site everyday.

  6. Oh My ! The feeling I get when seeing your photographs is always double. They’re so overwhelmingly beautiful and at the same time, I feel mine are so … common. Gorgeous, Phil, just…, you know.

  7. All the shots are spectacular, but that first one is stunning! What is it about you hockey photographers? The instructor at my photo workshop covered the San Jose Sharks. You might even know him…. Don Smith?

  8. Sometimes even when it has been said by so many commenters already, it is so worth the redundancy! This is a truly perfect series and full of natural artistry…yours and that of the egrets!

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