Morning In The Swamp

Although cold, it was bright and sunny this morning at the swamp so I was hoping a few of my alligator friends might be out looking to warm up a bit.

It didn’t take long for this one young gator to come gliding in, and eventually climb up and claim his sun spot on a small bog.

Another alligator at the water’s edge was barely able to keep his eyes open and I knew he would be in full nap mode shortly. I went back to check in on him a bit later, and I saw that a little song sparrow (see the last photo) was standing on the end of the sleeping gator’s tail! 

Gators in the Swamp

Gators in the Swamp

Gators in the Swamp

Gators in the Swamp

Gators in the Swamp

28 thoughts on “Morning In The Swamp

  1. Ahh great to see the gators putting in an appearance down at the swamp. I just love the expression on that gator’s face in the second to last picture. Looks like a smug, self-satisfied lounge lizzard type of guy. If he was human, you wouldn’t buy a second hand car from him that’s for sure. Another great episode Phil. 🙂

  2. I’m beginning to develop a bit of affection for these critters. My favorite is the photo with the beautiful reflection in the still water – although that bird on the tail is a close second! If those two can coexist, why do you suppose…. Oh, never mind. 😉

    • Thanks glad you like these Molly! I don’t know either, I have a lot of pics from the past few weeks where the coots and moorhens somehow feel compelled to hang around the alligators. Oh, and turtles too! Got pics of that upcoming.

  3. …. Another great sequence, Phil. And a great, safe spot for the sparrow. If the weather is cold, a gator will not actively feed – but no predator with half a brain will get within reach anyway. The sparrow can relax, and it’s no -er- skin off the tail of the gator.
    …. Our temperature topped out around 80 again today, and the gators were out in force. We have a big cold front coming that threatens to drop the high temperatures all the way down to the low 70s or so … BRRRR! I might have to hibernate.

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