The Chase Is On!

Wednesday was a busy day at the marsh. In addition to the bald eagles… the pelicans, egrets, ibis, and herons were all out catching fish. At one point a great blue heron snagged a fish which immediately caught the attention of another heron who proceeded to chase his friend around the marsh trying to get him to drop it. The chase was quickly broken off however and the great blue that caught the fish, got to keep the fish! 

GBH Fish Chase

GBH Fish Chase

GBH Fish Chase

GBH Fish Chase

GBH Fish Chase

53 thoughts on “The Chase Is On!

  1. …. Whether the catcher or the chaser prevails, one thing is a certainty – it’s gonna be a bad day for the fish!
    …. Another great job, Phil. Is there any truth to the rumor that you are actually a marsh turtle with a *very* good web cam?

    • Oh it’s almost always a bad day for the poor fish.
      Ok see now what you are doing is giving me more crazy ideas! A turtle cam!! Sounds perfect! I strap one on the guy and send him off!
      I have already been planning an RC helicopter with downward facing cam to hover over the alligators.
      And a small robot cam on wheels to send over toward the gator to get video when it’s walking around on one of the paved pathways. Fun! 🙂

  2. I have a friend up in Canada who’s been seeing Great Blues – he thought he had spotted some reddish-brown “trim” on one of his. I came over to do some snooping and found supporting evidence right here! Since the GBHs I see usually are just standing around, I’d never seen the patches. Great shots!

  3. your pictures r simply wonderful. i can tell they r yours without looking at the name. keep up the good work. if y do not me asking,what kind of lens do u have?again, just wonderful.

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