Yesterday afternoon I saw this Pied-billed Grebe doing a running takeoff as it launched itself up and out of the marsh pond. The Pied-billed is a duck-like diving bird and I generally only see them floating about in the marsh occasionally diving down to snatch a small fish and then popping back up again. Grebes are not skilled or graceful flyers and it takes considerable effort for a Pied-billed Grebe to get airborne so it was very unusual for me to see one going through the takeoff procedure. 

PB Grebe Taking Off

PB Grebe Taking Off

35 thoughts on “Takeoff!

    • Thanks, glad you liked these!
      I was watching some other birds when out of the corner of my eye I spotted this guy zipping across. I got off three frames, these two plus the third which by then the grebe was mostly behind a tree.

    • He does look like a cartoon character, that’s one reason these little grebes are so cute! They are the chipmunk of the bird world.
      Thanks for checking these out Sylvia!

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